GRID Issuing Organizations

The GRID Issuing Organization Database can be found here.

Version 3.0: GRID Issuing Organizations – xlsx (15 kB)

GRID Issuing Organizations Data File – xml(38 kB)
GRID Issuing Organizations XML Schema – xsd (2 kB)

*The XML data file provides "Active" IONs only.

Version Control Sheet 2017 – PDF
Version Control Sheet 2016 – PDF
Version Control Sheet 2015 – PDF


[Last Modified: 20 January 2017]


GRID Issuing Organization Number Database

ST-015 GRID Issuing Organization Number Database v3.0.0 – PDF 

The purpose of this document is to provide specifications for the structure of the Global Registration Identifier for Donors (GRID) Issuing Organization Number (ION) and information on how to obtain and update an ION.