Organ Endorsements

Organ Endorsements

Globally Consistent Coding Systems for Medical Products of Human Origin 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a bulletin acknowledging that: 

"The development of an international coding system for Medical Product of Human Origin (MPHO) requires either creating a new system or ensuring a role for the ICCBBA as provider of the global service for nomenclature and coding. Attaining the WHA63.22 objective of globally consistent coding systems will involve the gradual adoption of ISBT 128 by organizations as an element of their development programmes."

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

03 May 2013


Global Harmonization of Nomenclature and Traceability

The World Health Organization and ICCBBA held a joint workshop in August 2012 to develop a strategy to achieve the World Health Assembly objective of globally consistent coding systems for human cells, tissues, and organs. See the statement released from the workshop here.

28 September 2012


Advisory Committee on Organ Transplantation

ACBSA recommends FDA create a task force to identify ways to promote standardized systems for organ transplant. One of the recommendations was to:

“Identify ways to promote adoption of standardized systems (e.g., ISBT 128) for identification and codification of all organ transplants (including country of origin for those acquired abroad) to facilitate tracking and traceability."

View the statement here.

23-24 August 2011