Ocular Published Papers

Ocular Publications

  • W. John Armitage, PhD; Paul Ashford, MSc; Barbara Crow; Patricia Dahl; Pat Distler, MS; Jennifer DeMatteo, MCM, CIC; Usha Gopinathan, PhD; Mark Mannis, MD; S. Louise Moffatt, BSc; Christina Parsons; Diego Ponzin, MD; Donald Tan, MD. Implementation of Standardized Terminology and ISBT 128 Product Codes for Ocular TissueInternational Journal of Eye Banking vol. 2 no. 1, March 2014. doi:10.7706/ijeb.v2i1.64.
    Implementation of Standardized Terminology and ISBT 128 Product Codes for Ocular Tissue
  • Armitage, W. John; Ashford, Paul; Crow, Barbara; Dahl, Patricia; DeMatteo, Jennifer; Distler, Pat; Gopinathan, Usha; Madden, Peter W.; Mannis, Mark J.; Moffatt, S. Louise; Ponzin, Diego; Tan, Donald. Standard Terminology and Labeling of Ocular Tissue for Transplantation.Cornea32(6):725-728, June 2013. doi: 10.1097/ICO.0b013e3182873405.
    Standard Terminology and Labeling of Ocular Tissue for Transplantation


Tissue Publications

  • Ashford, P. Traceability. Cell and Tissue Banking (2010). Published online 14 July 2010.
  • Fehily, D., Ashford, P., Poniatowski, S. Traceability of Human Tissues for Transplantation – the development and implementation of a coding system using ISBT 128. Organs and Tissues (2004) (2) 83-88.