Single European Code (SEC) Builder Tool

The SEC Builder Tool allows a user to create an SEC for an ISBT 128 product by entering the various elements of the SEC.

Instructions on how to use this building tool can be found on the Introduction tab/page of the program. Note: It is still the user’s responsibility to check that the correct data has been entered into each field and to verify the SEC data string.

Intended Audience:
This tool is intended for tissue and cellular therapy establishments in the European Union that manufacture or import products under the EU Directive 2015/565 that requires certain products to be labeled with a Single European Code.  This may also be useful to software developers, label vendors, and other organizations that provide products or services to these establishments. The tool may also be of interest to regulators in EU Member States and to cellular therapy facilities and tissue banks outside the EU that distribute products in the EU.

Version 1.1: Single European Code (SEC) Builder Tool – xlsx (42 kB)


For information on ISBT 128 and the SEC, see ST-012 ISBT 128 and the Single European Code (SEC).