Who is Using ISBT 128?

A truly global standard, ISBT 128 has been adopted in many countries representing hundreds of millions of people and all of the world's major languages. Organizations that have implemented ISBT 128 include hospitals, blood centers, tissue banks, cellular therapy facilities, and plasma fractionators.

View Registered Facilities by Country - March 2018 in a full screen map

Countries with ICCBBA Registered Facilities 

Algeria Czech Republic Kazakhstan Romania
Andorra Denmark Kenya Russian Federation
Angola Dominican Republic Kuwait San Marino
Argentina Ecuador Latvia Saudi Arabia
Aruba Egypt Lebanon Serbia
Australia Estonia Lithuania Singapore
Austria Ethiopia Malaysia Slovenia
Bahrain Finland Malta South Africa
Bangladesh France Mexico Spain
Belarus Germany Moldova Swaziland
Belgium Greece Mozambique Sweden
Bosnia-Herzegovina Honduras New Zealand Switzerland
Botswana Hungary Nigeria Syria
Brazil Iceland Norway Taiwan, China
Canada India Oman Thailand
Chile Indonesia Pakistan The Netherlands
China Iran Panama Turkey
Colombia Ireland Philippines United Arab Emirates
Cote d'Ivoire Israel Poland United Kingdom
Croatia Italy Portugal USA
Curacao Japan Qatar Vietnam
Cyprus Jordan Republic of Korea Zimbabwe

 If your country is not listed, please notify us.


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