The North America Tissue Technical Advisory Group (NATTAG) was formed in 2006. Its members are from the US and Canada. This regional TAG operates under the direction and guidance of the International Tissue Technical Advisory Group (ITTAG).

The purpose of NATTAG is to:

  • Develop a consensus on the detailed implementation of ISBT 128 in North America and maintain a North America consensus document for the use of ISBT 128 on tissues;
  • Contribute towards the international standardization of tissue terminology and product naming;
  • Provide advice and support to facilities introducing the ISBT 128 Standard in North America;
  • Advise on the on-going development of the ISBT 128 standard to support new developments in tissue banking in North America;
  • Prepare educational material and tools to support the implementation of ISBT 128 in North America; and
  • Promote the adoption of the ISBT 128 Standard in tissue banking in North America.

Summary of Recent Activity

Members shared their experiences in implementing ISBT 128. The issues regarding UDI implementation in various hospitals continue to be resolved.

The Revised Bone Tissue Terminology Implementation Guide [now Technical Bulletin 011] was released to provide a crosswalk between the old and new or restructured terminology.

The Assisted Reproductive Technology TAG, a new technical advisory group, reviewed the current reproductive tissue terminology and new terminology was proposed.

A new TAG - the new International Tissue TAG (ITTAG) - was recently created. The purpose of the new TAG focuses on tissues across all regions and provide direction in support of activities of ETTAG (Europe) and NATTAG (North America). This group will develop a global strategy for promotion and adoption of ISBT 128 for tissue transplantation around the world. ITTAG will also provide advice and support to facilities introducing ISBT 128 in regions that are not covered by ETTAG and NATTAG. 

NATTAG Member List

Representatives and Technical Experts

  • Yeager, Jess – Chair
  • Anouna, Albert
  • Arata, Rhubella
  • Blair, Michael
  • Carbon, Esther
  • DeMatteo, Jennifer
  • Fowler, Robin
  • Friedman, Mark
  • Harunani, Mohamed
  • Holman, Becky
  • Holovati, Jelena
  • Hortsman, Ronda
  • Larton, Perrin
  • Lotherington, Ken
  • Poole, Mike
  • Ridder, Donna
  • Sharpe, Susan
  • Tracy, Linda
  • Tremblay, Jacynthe
  • Vasquez, Elkin
  • Wilson, Diane


  • Daniels, Barry
  • Karandish, Safa
  • McClure, Michelle
  • Seem, Debbie
  • Wasmuth, Mark


  • Baird, Bill
  • Browne, Geoff
  • Burns, Karen
  • Cetinkaya, Sukru
  • Chahal, Amar P S
  • Charbonneau, Manon
  • Dragoo, Jeff
  • Gerhard, Kevin
  • Germain, Marc
  • Gonzales, Donnell
  • Hardwick, Karen
  • Herzberg, Mark
  • Hohberger, Clive
  • Joyner, Sharon
  • Kania, Kevin
  • Kirkpatrick, Brian
  • Kling, John
  • Kriozere, Richard
  • Maney, Rochelle
  • Mann, Paul
  • Miller, Creighton
  • Mohr, Jim
  • Nagel, Eric
  • Parsons, Christina
  • Pereda, Pedro
  • Sharif, Azita
  • Simmons, Suzanne
  • Taubman, Ron
  • Thurston, David
  • Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz, Izabela
  • Vantu, Quynh
  • Wilton, Frank
  • Wofford, Jonathan


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