Ocular Documents

ST-009 ISBT 128 Standard Labeling of Ocular Tissue v1.0.0 - PDF

This document provides a guideline for ISBT 128 labeling of ocular tissue products. Greater detail is given for labeling than that provided in the Technical Specification.


IG-032 Implementation Guide: Use of Product Code Data Structure [003] - Ocular Tissue v1.0.0 - PDF

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The purpose of this document is to provide detailed information about ISBT 128 product coding for ocular tissue products. Specifically, it explains:

  • the Product Code [Data Structure 003] in detail,
  • the structure of the Product Description Codes Database,
  • how to select an appropriate Product Description Code, and
  • how to request new Product Description Codes.


Ocular Tissue Nomenclature (Revision following Public Consultation) - PDF

The proposed ocular tissue nomenclature was released for public consultation in May 2011. An excellent response was received with many constructive comments. The Eye Bank Technical Advisory Group (EBTAG) has reviewed these comments and made appropriate adjustments to the nomenclature.