Blood Documents

ISBT 128: An Introduction

This document gives the background behind the development of the ISBT 128 information standard.  It describes the elements needed to achieve standardization and explains how the standard is used to encode product information into machine readable form.  

Use of Product Code Data Structure [003] - Blood

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The purpose of this document is to provide detailed information about ISBT 128 product coding for blood.  Specifically, it explains:

  • the Product Code Data Structure [003] in detail,
  • the structure of the database that supports the product description code,
  • how to select an appropriate product description code, and
  • how to request new product description codes.

Technical Bulletin 9 - Blood Bag Identification Using ISBT 128 and GS1

Provides guidance on how GS1 carton codes and ISBT 128 can be mapped through the use of the manufacturers data file.  Such mapping allows facilities to monitor blood container inventories. 

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ISBT 128 Conversion Plan

AABB Standards required that each accredited facility have a plan to convert to ISBT 128 documented by November 1, 2006.  This document outlines a simple conversion plan.

Standard Labeling - Blood

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ST-005 ISBT 128 Standard Labeling of Blood Components v1.0.0 - File Size 826 kB

This document provides a labeling guideline for ISBT 128 Blood components.  Greater detail is given for labeling than that provided in the Technical Specification.