ISBT 128: An International Standard for Tissues

ISBT 128 is currently being used by some European tissue banks to label tissues.  It is under consideration for use for labeling tissues throughout Europe and in North America.

Also new to our website we have a discussion forum which allows you to connect with other registered blood bank facilities and ICCBBA staff to get your questions about the ISBT 128 standard answered.

ICCBBA ensures the ISBT 128 Standard continues to meet the needs of its users by organizing technical advisory groups.  Read about the technical advisory groups for tissue by clicking on the links below.

European Tissue Technical Advisory Group

North America Tissue Technical Advisory Group

Eurocet128 FAQs

Eurocet 128: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eurocet 128?

Eurocet 128 is a Service Contract that has been awarded by Sanco (EC) to a consortium of 3 organizations. The consortium includes:

  • The Italian National Transplant Centre (CNT), which maintains the Eurocet Registry;
  • ICCBBA, which maintains the ISBT 128 coding standard for human substances; and
  • Artman Technologies, a software company

The objective is to build 2 reference compendia to support the application of the Single European Coding System for tissues and cells.

Where can I find out more about the Single European Coding System?

You can find out more about Eurocet 128 and the Single European Coding System, here.

In addition, you can find Questions & Answers giving essential information for Competent Authorities and Tissue Establishments on the implementation of the Single European Code for Tissues and Cells, here

Where can I ask a question or leave a comment about the Single European Code for Tissues and Cells?

You can ask a question or leave a comment, here.