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Press Release:


April 14th, 2011


ICCBBA enters into official working relationship with the World Health Organization.


On April 11th ICCBBA and WHO signed a letter of working relations agreeing a two year collaborative work programme in support of World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.22.  Joint activities will include building, through a consensus process and in collaboration with national health authorities from all regions and scientific and professional societies, a WHO nomenclature for organ transplants, and developing an internationally agreed core nomenclature of cell, tissue and organ transplant suitable for activity reporting at Member State level and to the WHO/ONT Global Observatory.


Dr Luc Noel, Coordinator for Clinical Procedures at WHO said “Improving communication on donation and transplantation through the use of a global nomenclature will be a step forward towards better transparency, better traceability, better vigilance to optimize safety and ethics of practices. This will justify the trust of the community in a service to which everyone should contribute in order to allow everyone in need to benefit from transplantation.”


Paul Ashford, Executive Director of ICCBBA added “We are delighted to be able to contribute to these activities.  The mission of ICCBBA is to improve patient safety through standardization of information and coding and we believe that working together we will be able to make significant progress towards achieving the WHA resolution objective of globally consistent coding systems for human cells, tissues and organs.”


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World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.22 entitled “Human organ and tissue transplantation” was adopted at the World Health Assembly in May 2010.  

Human Organ and Tissue Transplantation   

The World Health Organazation Guiding Principles On Human Tissue and Organ Principles.

The World Health Organization transplantation programme operates within the Department of Essential Health Technologies.