Registration and Licensing



To support its activities, ICCBBA charges an annual license fee for the use of the ISBT 128 Standard.  The annual license fee is based on the number of whole blood, apheresis, or cellular therapy units collected or by the number of final tissue products produced by a facility in the previous year. 


That means if a participating facility collected 15,000 whole blood, apheresis, or cellular therapy products in a year, ICCBBA would receive US$184.50.  For every 5,000 labeled tissues, ICCBBA would receive US$750.


Click here for license fee specifics.


Click here for ICCBBA's Annual Report to learn more about how your license fees are used.


ICCBBA expresses its deepest gratitude to all of our participating facilities, and to our team of volunteers, for their continuing support of the ISBT 128 Standard.


 User Perspective




"As a user of the ISBT 128 Standard, a volunteer expert on a technical advisory group, and a volunteer member of the ICCBBA Board of Directors, I believe ICCBBA offers exceptional good value for money.”  Ineke C.M. Slaper-Cortenbach


For further information, see, "ICCBBA and ISBT 128 - Value for Money?" on page 13 of Blood and Transplant Matters Spring 2010 edition.


Ineke C.M. Slaper-Cortenbach is the Director of the Gene and Cell Therapy Facility and the Stem Cell Transplantation Laboratory in the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands.  She has more than 20 years of experience as a laboratory director of a stem cell lab and is active in JACIE and AHCTA.