Basic Educational Materials

Basic Factsheets

These documents explain specific elements within the ISBT 128 Standard in introductory language.


Use of the ISBT 128 Standard requires registration with ICCBBA. For basic information on how to register, please follow the link below.

Sample Labels

This section contains training materials that will help you train your staff to find specific information on an ISBT 128 label.

The following label samples were generously provided by users.

PowerPoint Presentations

Useful Materials to Train Laboratory/Hospital Staff

These presentations were designed to help facilities implement ISBT 128.  Please feel free to use any or all of the slides as a part of your own presentation, training, and implementation.

You must be logged on to view presentations.  Please note that these are extremely large files and take time to open.

Presentations were generously provided by Suzanne Butch.


The following presentations were made in March 2014.

The presentations focus on ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy label design and product description code selection using the product lookup tool. We have made the webinars available as a helpful reference.

ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy Label Design:

Using the Product Code Lookup Tool for Cellular Therapy product descriptions: