Licensed Vendor Benefits

Licensed vendors are granted the following benefits from ICCBBA. Rights to these benefits are forfeited if a vendor ceases to maintain licensed status.

Use of ICCBBA Recognition Marks

Licensed Vendor MarkICCBBA Licensed Vendor

Licensed vendors may use the “ICCBBA Licensed Vendor” mark on official documentation, websites, brochures, advertisements, and other publicity material. It provides a readily recognized indication that the organization is currently a licensed vendor.

ISBT 128 Supported Product Mark

ISBT 128 Supported

Licensed vendors may use the “ISBT 128 Supported” mark to indicate products that support the use of ISBT 128 standard data structures. The mark provides a readily recognized indicator that a product has been designed to support ISBT 128. The mark may be used on products and supporting documentation, brochures and other publicity material as long as it is clearly associated with one or more specific products all of which support ISBT 128. The level of compliance with the standard is a matter for the vendor to specify, and customers to assure. Use of this mark does not imply any specific level of compliance has been achieved.

Inclusion on ICCBBA Listing of Licensed Vendors

ICCBBA publishes a list of licensed vendors on its website. Lists will also be available at major international congresses where ICCBBA is represented.

ICCBBA will provide copies of the licensed vendor list to any organizations inquiring about products for use with the ISBT 128 standard.

Web Links from the ICCBBA Website

Licensed vendors may provide ICCBBA with web links, which will be included in online vendor profiles – this provides ICCBBA website visitors a link to vendor websites. ICCBBA also grants licensed vendors the right to include a link to the ICCBBA website on their corporate websites.

Certificate of Licensed Status

ICCBBA issues an annual certificate to licensed vendors confirming their status. Copies of this certificate may be forwarded to clients to provide proof of status.

Participation in Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meetings

Licensed vendors are invited to participate in TAG meetings. These groups help maintain and propose changes to the ISBT 128 Standard.