CTCLAG Overview

The Cellular Therapy Coding and Labeling Advisory Group was established in 2004.  Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA of the needs of cellular therapy organizations for coding and labeling.  Membership comprises representatives from major cellular therapy professional organizations:  AABB, APBMT, ASBMT, ASFA, EBMT, FACT, ISBT, ISCT, JACIE, NMDP and WMDA.  Additionally, the group has invited technical experts to serve as voting members on the group.

Liaisons from other organizations, primarily representing regulatory bodies, also attend meetings. 

Vendors and other interested parties attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairman.


CTCLAG Recent Activity

The CTCLAG meets bimonthly by conference call and once annually face-to-face.

Many facilities are currently using ISBT 128 terminology because it is required by the Standards of AABB, FACT and JACIE.  The group is currently encouraging facilities to fully implement ISBT 128, including label design and bar codes.

The group routinely reviews requests for product codes that require new classes and attributes. 

Their most recent project was updating the Cellular Therapy terminology.

CTCLAG Member List


  • Zbigniew Szczepiorkowski (ASFA), Chair
  • Sallie Allman (NMDP)
  • Paul Ashford (ICCBBA)
  • Boris Calmels (Technical Expert)
  • Giovanna Cameron (Technical Expert)

  • William Janssen (ASBMT)
  • Mickey Koh (APBMT)
  • Stella Larsson (Technical Expert)
  • Kathy Loper (AABB)
  • John Miller (WMDA)
  • Sergio Querol (EBMT)
  • Ineke Slaper-Cortenbach (JACIE)
  • Leigh Sims Poston (ISCT)
  • Daphne Thijssen-Timmer (ISBT)
  • Phyllis Warkentin (FACT)



  • Pat Distler (ICCBBA)
  • Mona Hansson (Sweden) 
  • Safa Karandish (US FDA)
  • Ellen Lazarus (US FDA) 


  • Mayra Basiri
  • Geoff Browne
  • Christina Celluzi
  • Amar Chahal
  • Miklos Csore
  • Jeff Dragoo
  • Michaelle Greco-Cacchillo
  • Mark Herzberg
  • Ann Hoppe
  • Kamel Katrai
  • Tracy Kingsbury
  • Sebastian Kracher 
  • Richard Kriozere
  • Christie Larson
  • Osmar Tuna Mateus
  • Patrick Mendes
  • Creighton Miller
  • Jeff Miripol
  • Peggy Niston
  • Karen Peterson
  • Mitchel Sivilotti
  • Merilyn Wiler
  • Bruce Wray
  • Jo Youngblood