The Cellular Therapy Coding and Labeling Advisory Group (CTCLAG) was established in 2004. Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA of the needs of cellular therapy organizations for coding and labeling. Membership comprises representatives from major cellular therapy professional organizations: AABB, APBMT, ASBMT, ASFA, EBMT, FACT, ISBT, ISCT, JACIE, NMDP and WMDA. Additionally, the group has invited technical experts to serve as voting members on the group.

Liaisons from other organizations, primarily representing regulatory bodies, also attend meetings. 

Vendors and other interested parties attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.

CTCLAG Joint Statement - PDF

Summary of Recent Activity

There was an issue in the discussion of whether a product is HPC, Apheresis or T Cells, Apheresis and confusion regarding CD34 addition and reduction. It was decided that there will be no new attribute for CD34 reduced.

CAR T Cells should be encoded with the attribute “Genetically Modified: Yes” and include the additional information in accompanying documentation.

A user requested a product description code for Stromal Vascular Fraction, however more information regarding the product type is needed before deciding how to code the product.

A user requested product description codes for mixed cellular therapy products and the group concluded that it is important for the label to reflect the intent of the cells.

It was suggested to remove “Non-mobilized” from existing codes. The group felt that the coding and labeling of products should not have to indicate collection or processing steps that were not performed. It was agreed to change the definition for ‘Mobilized’ and ‘Non-mobilized’, and a motion to retire ‘non-mobilized’ was carried.

The group decided that, in general, products intended for research use should be assigned a local code.

CTCLAG has also added and revised terminology to follow recommendations by AABB’s Circular of Information committee.

CTCLAG Member List

Representatives and Technical Experts

  • Szczepiorkowski, Zbigniew – Chair
  • Allman, Sallie
  • Calmels, Boris
  • Cameron, Giovanna
  • De Simone, Pablo
  • Janssen, William
  • Koh, Mickey
  • Larsson, Stella
  • Loper, Kathy
  • Miller, John
  • Poston, Leigh Sims
  • Querol, Sergio
  • Stec, Terri
  • Thijssen-Timmer, Daphne
  • Warkentin, Phyllis


  • Agbanyo, Francisca
  • Hansson, Mona 
  • Karandish, Safa


  • Browne, Geoff
  • Celluzi, Christina
  • Cetinkaya, Sukru
  • Chahal, Amar
  • Costello, Tim
  • Csore, Miklos
  • Deming, Roger
  • Dragoo, Jeff
  • Geary, Josh
  • Gerhard, Kevin
  • Gorowsky, John
  • Herzberg, Mark
  • Hoppe, Ann
  • Ketari, Kamel
  • Kingsbury, Tracy
  • Kirimli, Kent
  • Kirkpatrick, Brian
  • Kling, John
  • Kriozere, Richard
  • Mateus, Osmar
  • Mendes, Patrick
  • Miller, Creighton
  • Niston, Peggy
  • Pereda, Pedro
  • Steiner, David
  • Tretter, Candy
  • Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz, Izabela
  • Wiler, Merilyn
  • Wojcicki, Tomasz
  • Wray, Bruce


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