Eurocet128 FAQs

Eurocet 128: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eurocet 128?

Eurocet 128 is a Service Contract that has been awarded by Sanco (EC) to a consortium of 3 organizations. The consortium includes:

  • The Italian National Transplant Centre (CNT), which maintains the Eurocet Registry;
  • ICCBBA, which maintains the ISBT 128 coding standard for human substances; and
  • Artman Technologies, a software company

The objective is to build 2 reference compendia to support the application of the Single European Coding System for tissues and cells.

Where can I find out more about the Single European Coding System?

You can find out more about Eurocet 128 and the Single European Coding System, here.

In addition, you can find Questions & Answers giving essential information for Competent Authorities and Tissue Establishments on the implementation of the Single European Code for Tissues and Cells, here

Where can I ask a question or leave a comment about the Single European Code for Tissues and Cells?

You can ask a question or leave a comment, here.