The Tissue Engineered Products Technical Advisory Group (TEPTAG) is chartered with developing nomenclature in areas of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and those products that fall between the tissue and cellular therapy areas. The work the group does ties in with the 2010 World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.22, which urges member states to “encourage the implementation of globally consistent coding systems for human cells, tissues, and organs as such in order to facilitate national and international traceability of material of human origin for transplantation”.

The goal of TEPTAG is to develop terminology that meets the needs in a way that is acceptable internationally. The group will work alongside other ICCBBA TAGs with the aim of developing terminology for all MPHO. The group consists of a core membership comprised of chairs and experts from the international tissue and cellular therapy Technical Advisory Groups, along with ICCBBA staff members. Technical experts in a given area will be called upon to provide their knowledge and expertise when needed.

Summary of Recent Activity

TEPTAG discussed defining and coding Regenerated Products for the “tissue engineered” category. The group decided that terminology needs to be updated because current verbiage makes the products appear synthetic as opposed to mammalian-derived and gives the impression that they are products for cellular therapy. They also agreed to keep terminology more general at the higher level for now.

TEPTAG Member List

Representatives and Technical Experts

  • Slaper-Cortenbach, Ineke – Chair
  • Allickson, Julie
  • Armitage, John
  • Hildebrandt, Martin
  • Jones, Alyce
  • Koh, Mickey
  • Poston, Leigh Sims
  • Reis, Rui L.
  • Szczepiorkowski, Zbigniew
  • Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz, Izabela
  • Wilson, Diane


  • Agbanyo, Francisca


  • Bratek, Piotr
  • Cetinkaya, Sukru
  • Steiner, David
  • Wojcicki, Tomasz


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