ETTAG Overview

The European Tissue Technical Advisory Group (ETTAG) first met in November 2009.  The purpose of the group is to:

  • Develop a consensus on the detailed implementation of ISBT 128 in Member States and produce a European consensus document for the use of ISBT 128 on tissues
  • Provide a focus for standardization of tissue terminology and product naming 
  • Provide advice and support to facilities introducing the ISBT 128 Standard 
  • Prepare educational material and tools to support the implementation of ISBT 128 in Europe

ETTAG Recent Activity

ETTAG is chaired by Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz, MD, PhD. She is the Acting Deputy Director of the National Center of Tissue Banking in Poland, and responsible for ISBT 128 implementation in tissue and cell establishments in Poland.

The ETTAG had its first face-to-face meeting in Krakow, Poland on November 7, 2009. It most recently met in Vienna, Austria, on November 24, 2012.

The group works toward developing globally consistent nomenclature and a coding system to ensure unique identification of tissue products worldwide. This need has been recognized by the World Health Assembly in 2010 where Resolution WHA63 22 urges member states “to encourage the implementation of globally consistent coding systems for human cells, tissues and organs as such in order to facilitate national and international traceability of materials of human origin for transplantation.”

The ETTAG completed work on skin nomenclature now published in the ISBT 128 Standard for Blood, Cellular Therapy, and Tissue Products. The Standard is available on the ICCBBA Website and can be found under the Tech Library tab.

A subcommittee, under the chairmanship of Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz, comprised of members from ETTAG, the North American Tissue Technical Advisory, and cardiovascular technical experts recently completed work on cardiovascular nomenclature that is now ready for public consultation. The committee hopes to have the nomenclature published by the end of 2013.

The group encourages everyone who has an interest in their work to participate in calls and meetings. To learn more, contact the ICCBBA office.

ETTAG Member List


  • Uhrynowska- Tyszkiewicz, Izabela, Chair 
  • Bennett, Kyle
  • Bollerup, Anne Cathrine
  • Bolotinha, Catarina
  • Bratek, Piotr
  • Brezovsky, Pavel    
  • Brubaker, Scott 
  • Concaro, Catherine
  • Csore, Miklos
  • Fehily, Deirdre     
  • Galea, George 
  • Georgsen, Jørgen
  • Gianaroli, Luca
  • Hansson, Mona
  • Herzberg, Mark   
  • Jashari, Ramadan
  • Ketari, Kamel  
  • Kinggaard Holm, Dorte   
  • Kurz, Johann   
  • Laakso, Teemu
  • Larsson, Stella
  • Lodge, Linda
  • Malm, Torsten   
  • Mathor, Monica
  • Medeisiene, Dainora  
  • Mårtensson, Anna         
  • Navarro, Aurora  
  • Nica, Andrei 
  • Passebon, Sophie
  • Perry, Andrew 
  • Piteira, Rita
  • Poniatowski, Stefan
  • Schwint, Oscar  
  • Strom, Fredrik  
  • Stump, Patricia   
  • Trias, Esteve   
  • Warwick, Ruth
  • Westby, Jannine
  • Wilson, Diane