The Europe, Middle East, and Africa Technical Advisory Group (EMATAG) expanded its reach to Africa in 2011. The group, formally known as the Middle East and Europe Technical Advisory Group (MEETAG), originally met in 1997 as ETAG (European Technical Advisory Group). 

The purpose of the group is to:  

  • Enhance and expand the ISBT 128 Standard for use with blood components in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa;
  • Provide advice and support to facilities introducing the ISBT 128 Standard;
  • Generate, review, and comment upon proposed changes to the ISBT 128 Standard and its supporting documents;
  • Prepare educational material and tools to support the implementation of ISBT 128; and   
  • Promote the adoption of the ISBT 128 Standard in their region as well as globally. 

Summary of Recent Activity

EMATAG has proposed that RBC antigen label text becomes standardized.

The placement of the four barcodes and the location of nationally standardized requirements for Solvent Detergent Plasma was agreed upon and the appearance of the batch number on the label was then called into question.

Placement of 2D symbol on the label continues to be discussed due to the issues it may cause, such as placement of DIN and/or product code information and scanning the incorrect bar code. 

EMATAG Member List

Representatives and Technical Experts

  • Muon, Mario – Chair
  • Al-Shaer, Laila
  • Antoniewicz-Papis, Jolanta
  • Arslan, Önder
  • Belay, Abiy
  • Brazier, Angela
  • Georgsen, Jørgen
  • Goubron, Heidi
  • Gudmundsson, Sveinn
  • Hanstein, Galina
  • Kurt, Gerhard
  • Laakso, Teemu
  • Larsson, Stella
  • Orlin, Jerry
  • Radwan, Reem Al
  • Reite, Ingunn Wideroe
  • Salat, Antonio
  • Sidera, Zoe
  • Vonk, Jelle
  • Wagner, Thomas


  • Aranko, Kari
  • Hay, Christian


  • Auwema, Fred
  • Böcker, Wolfgang
  • Borg-Aquilina, Denise
  • Bratek, Piotr
  • Burgos, Virginia
  • Cetinkaya, Sukru
  • Csore, Miklos
  • Dell'Orto, Luca
  • Deming, Roger
  • Fleegle, Bill
  • Gauch, Pascal
  • Henry, Stephen
  • Herzberg, Mark
  • Ioannou, Yiota
  • Ketari, Kamel
  • Kirimli, Kent
  • Larson, Christie
  • Lodge, Linda
  • Macias, Elaine
  • Mårtensson, Anna
  • Miller, Wayne
  • Morris, Stuart
  • Muircroft, John
  • Newton, John
  • Nord, Björn
  • Ongun, Guclu
  • Pereda, Pedro
  • Perry, Andrew
  • Plestrak, Grzegorz
  • Riout, Franck
  • Rousselin, Bruno
  • Saez, Mariola
  • Sajot, Stéphane
  • Sandvik, Leif
  • Schneider, Thierry
  • Skagestad, Renny
  • Valletta, Kevin
  • Wray, Bruce


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