The Eye Bank Technical Advisory Group (EBTAG) consists of representatives of the European Eye Bank Association, Eye Bank Association of America, Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand, Eye Bank Association of India, Asia Cornea Society, and the Pan-American Association of Eye Banks, have developed a global standard terminology to describe ocular tissue for transplant.

The group began meeting early in 2010 and agreed to the following goals:

  • Create and publish a nomenclature that will be endorsed by the professional groups represented
  • Review the coding of this terminology within ISBT 128
  • Agree on standardized labeling
  • Determine if there is need for a consensus standard for ocular tissue
  • Determine the mechanism for on-going maintenance of the terminology
  • Promote the use of ISBT 128 for ocular tissues

EBTAG Member List


Representatives and Technical Experts

  • Armitage, John – Chair
  • Basak, Samar K.
  • Crow, Barbara
  • Dahl, Patricia
  • DeMatteo, Jennifer
  • Madden, Peter
  • Mannis, Mark
  • Moffatt, Louise
  • Parsons, Christina
  • Ponzin, Diego
  • Tan, Donald


  • McClure, Michelle


  • Kriozere, Jeff
  • Lim, Christine
  • O’Keefe, Michael
  • Steiner, David
  • Tyszkiewicz, Izabela

Meeting Summaries

EBTAG Meeting Summaries - PDF