The Asia Pacific Technical Advisory Group (APTAG) was established in 2007. Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA on the needs of users in the Asia Pacific Region.

The chairman of the group is Wayne Bolton of Australia. The Membership comprises one representative from each country in the Asia Pacific area with an ICCBBA registered blood or tissue facility. The representatives are appointed by their countries.

In addition to members, liaisons attend meetings. Liaisons are from regulatory authorities or other groups interested in ISBT 128.

Other persons interested in the work of the APTAG may attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.


APTAG Activity

APTAG works mostly by email and actively participates in the proposal process. Their last face-to-face meeting was in November 2011 in Taipei, R.O.C.


APTAG Member List

Country Representatives

  • Bolton, Wayne - Chair
  • Bevan, Mark
  • Carpinter, Tony
  • Chai, Hoo
  • Cheng, Wong
  • Gao, Yu 
  • Huang, Tan Hwee 
  • Kuan, Lai Lai
  • Lam, Sally
  • Lin, Che Kit  
  • Mei, Li Xiu
  • Quan, Ng Kok
  • Scott, Ray
  • Teo, Diana
  • Twu, Ling-jen
  • Wai-Chiu, Tsoi  
  • Zhu, Yong Ming
  • Zhu, Ziyan


  • Cetinkaya, Sukru
  • Deming, Roger
  • Herzberg, Mark
  • Kirimli, Kent
  • Larson, Christie
  • Macias, Elaine
  • Sandvik, Leif 
  • Sim, C.C.
  • Spizzirri, Amy
  • Tan, John
  • Tan, S K    
  • Tang, David
  • Wray, Bruce